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Opus One is the product of two families who shared a passion for wine and a desire to explore new possibilities. Today, our world expands far beyond the present of each vintage. Just as we look back on experience, we are always looking forward for inspiration.

Straight rows of green vineyards after hedging
An Opus One vineyard worker driving a Bobard Tractor through the vineyards for hedging

"Wherever wine grapes are grown, it is beautiful."

Margrit Mondavi
A macro shot of a vine during bud break.
A large wind machine, in the middle of the vineyard, ready to turn on any minute for frost control
Vineyards Spring to Life

Once pruning has been finished during the winter, there is a patient wait for the vines to reawaken. Usually by mid-March the buds on the canes will begin to swell and the slightest cottony hairs will begin to push through. As the buds continue to grow, eventually the new cane will emerge and carry with it - the promise of the 2019 vintage. Opus One works in harmony with nature in its vineyards. In the photo, a California Black-Tailed Jack Rabbit takes notice of the photographer.

A blue Bobard Tractor cultivating between the vineyards

Veraison: Grapes in Transition

As warmer weather continues and the peak of summer arrives, Mother Nature orchestrates a fascinating change in the vineyard. The grapes, which have been a pale green hue, begin to change into a lovely deep shade of purple, marking the onset of berry ripening and maturity. This annual part of the grape’s life cycle marks a turning point towards the exciting harvest season ahead.

“Wine should express itself. It should tell you where it came from.”

Michael Silacci
A red dragon sly l
The front of a vineyard post block, listing the details of the vineyard